Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from parents and professionals.

Questions from parents:

From where is it possible to pick up my child?

We can pick up your child from anywhere in the world.

How fast is it possible to transport my child?

This depends from where we have to pick up your child, the destination, and the condition of your child. We need at least a few hours for medical crew preparation and providing the right plane for your child’s needs.

Which medical crew will accompany my child?

To provide the maximum possible comfort and security in any situation during the transport, your child will be accompanied by a pediatric intensive care nurse and a pediatric intensive care doctor both trained and highly experienced in taking care of critically ill children.

Will the medical crew of Pediatric Air Ambulance stay with my child the entire transport?

Our medical crew accompany your child during the complete transport in the air and on the ground and will take care of your child from bed-to-bed.

Is there a preferred hospital where you take children?

Usually we bring your child to a hospital of your choice, wherever it is. But of course we will help you in finding the right children hospital for your child, if needed.

Is it possible to transport twins or sick siblings?

We are able to transport two or more pediatric intensive care patients with one aircraft. For every pediatric patient we will have our own medical crew with our own equipment on board. This usually makes it necessary to use a bigger plane.

Which aircrafts are used for the air ambulance service?

Our airplanes are all specialized Air Ambulance aircrafts, equipped with at least one stretcher. This is a special patient bed which provides oxygen and electricity, enabling us to use the same equipment we use at the pediatric intensive care unit at the university hospital.

Are your air ambulance aircrafts save?

All air ambulance aircrafts are well maintained, fully licensed and have a certificated insurance for third party and passenger legal liability.

Is it possible to accompany my child and how much people can be with the child at the flight?

Of course one relative is always able to accompany your child at the flight without extra costs. How much more relatives are possible to accompany the flight depends on the size of the used airplane.

Is it possible that our family doctor can be with my child?

If there is enough space in the aircraft this is of course possible. But the medical responsibility and authority lies principally with our doctors and medical crew.

Is it possible to take baggage?

It`s always possible to bring one hand-sized baggage per person. If a bigger plane is used, additional luggage is possible.

How do I pay for the services of Pediatric Air Ambulance?

If the transport is covered by your health or travel insurance, we need only a cost acceptance in advance. If it is private paying we will need the full amount transferred to our account prior to the transport. In our experience using the TARGET 2 system is the fastest way to transfer money. Any other Fast-Transfer-Option from your bank is of course possible.

Questions from professionals:

What special services are provided by Pediatric Air Ambulance?

We offer worldwide seamless bed-to-bed intensive care transport and ambulance flight of critically ill and injured children, international ECMO and ECLS transport, incubator transport of neonates and newborns and commercial medical escort service for children.

Where is Pediatric Air Ambulance providing it`s services and where is Pediatric Air Ambulance based?

We provide our service to and from any destination in the world, including USA and Canada. Our base is in Germany, Europe.

What`s the qualification of the accompanying medical crew?

Our doctors are without exception experienced specialists or senior physicians working at pediatric university hospitals. Our accompanying nurses are specialized in pediatric intensive care medicine and neonatology.

Which Air Ambulance aircrafts are used for air transporting?

This depends on the length of the transport and on the child`s condition for example is elevated brain pressure important for the decision if a flight on sea level is necessary and that sometimes a different type of plane has to be used.