Medical repatriation: We bring your child home

Did your child become injured or fall ill and needs to return to your home country? There are many reasons why medical repatriation may be necessary, such as car accidents, fractures, traumatic injuries or a CVA stroke, but also heart attack/cardiac issues, altitude sickness, pneumonia/respiratory issues, mental health problems or an acute illness.

PEDIATRIC AIR AMBULANCE offers you quick and no-nonsense help with all the steps necessary for medical repatriation from abroad and advises you the safest and fastest means of getting your child back. Our response team is on call around the clock to make your child’s medical repatriation possible from within Europe or countries beyond.

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Return hospital transport by land or air

There are several methods of medical repatriation and we can help you with:

a medical escort service in first or second class of scheduled airlines

specially equipped ambulance

ambulance aircraft

Scheduled airlines used for medical repatriation.
Specially equipped ambulance used for medical repatriation.
Ambulance aircraft used for medical repatriation.

The choice of transport for medical repatriation primarily depends on the condition of your child, but also naturally on the weather conditions, the distance to the destination and the prevailing situation at places of departure and arrival. From your information and the doctors presently giving medical treatment, we will advise you the best, quickest and most cost-effective method of medical repatriation in your child’s case and prepare you an offer.

Our specialists for your child

The medical care of children differs markedly from treatment of adults. In the case of younger patients, in addition to differences in anatomy and physiology, there are also special diseases that afflict them. Our team, which we put together for you and your child to provide a medical repatriation service, consists of experienced consultants and senior doctors from prestigious German hospitals such as the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. They are constantly reskilled with training in the latest methods and standards. For each deployment there is a doctor and nurse in attendance, who are paediatric intensive care specialists. In cases of special requirements, we provide further specially trained medical professionals to cover the respective field.

Our equipment you can rely on

You can rely on the fact that for a medical repatriation worldwide our medical transport team has the latest and best equipment at its disposal. Your child will receive the same standard of care it would at a German university hospital clinic. Our equipment includes:

  • Baby Pod II incubator for neonatal intensive care, specially designed for flexible deployment
  • Hamilton T1® – a ventilator that supports even the tiniest of premature babies with a tidal (breathing) volume as low as 2 ml
  • Alere EPOC® – a blood gas analysis device that determines oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood
  • GE Vscan™ – a sonography and echocardiography device, which allows us to recognise complications as early as possible and gives us a visual display of heart function at all times
  • Corpuls C3® monitor for constant monitoring of the patient, equipped with ECG, defibrillator, pacer, SpO2, NIBP and IBP sensors specially adapted for children
  • Perfusor® compact S – up to eight syringes for intravenous therapies
  • Storz C-MAC® video laryngoscope and further aids for alternative airway management specially adapted for children (e.g. larynx masks, QUICKTRACH® emergency cricothyrotomy set)
  • AccuVein® and EZ-IO® – a vein finding system and an intraosseous vascular access system, especially for children
Medical Repatriation via Air Ambulance.

The staff of our medical escort service on scheduled airlines also has emergency equipment specially designed for children.

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You require a medical repatriation service, because your child has suffered an injury or fallen ill while abroad? We can help you within or beyond Europe and if needed organise for your child transcontinental medical transport. Fast, no-nonsense and above all safe.

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