Medical escort service for your child

Whether you envisage bringing your child home from aboard or to a specialist clinic for further treatment, is not a deciding factor for us. Our task is to get your child safely there. To achieve this we make the best possible care available and organise a timely medical escort transport.

If the medical condition of your child suits a non-emergency medical service then a commercial medical escort in a scheduled flight is the most practical form of travel. To enable air travel in commercial aircraft we guarantee comprehensive medical accompaniment:

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  • Worldwide flights with scheduled airlines
  • Individual care plan oriented on patient needs
  • Specially trained intensive care paediatric doctor
  • Specially trained intensive care paediatric nurse
  • Bed-to-bed service including all necessary ground transport
  • Deal with all formalities – including a medical report for the airline (MEDA)
Medical Escort Service.

Trust is important to us

The necessity of a medical escort crew is unsettling enough. We provide you and your child with a personal flight attendant, who will take care of you from start to finish. Your male or female flight attendant will familiarise you with the medical escort travel process and all necessary steps. In this way we create an atmosphere of trust and ensure the patient and accompanying relatives feel safe and in the best hands.

The best medical care from the start

Our work starts long before your child is aboard the aircraft. It includes:

  • Organisation of what is termed a Fit-to-Fly certificate, with which a doctor confirms your child may be transported
  • MEDA and permit by the respective airline for the flight home, check in at the airport
  • Bed-to-bed service: we fetch your child from wherever it is and take it to its final destination. You can specify the hospital of your choice or we can offer you our professional and independent advice. Ground transport is effected by ambulance
  • An intensive care paediatric team composed of one doctor and one critical care nurse, who are solely responsible for your child. Our personnel are constantly kept up to date with training and practical experience of the latest possibilities for medical care
  • As required: organisation of special lounge areas at major airports, notification of customs, support during security checks
  • Paediatric emergency equipment, in case the patient’s condition unexpectedly worsens
  • All ground transport to and from airports

This is how we get your child home

We are able to guarantee a transfer or return flight with our medical escort service for scheduled airlines from practically any airport worldwide. Our especially close and developed relationship of trust with many airlines enables us to guarantee the quickest and most comfortable way for your child. In terms of cost-effectiveness medical escort on a scheduled flight offers an alternative to transport by private air ambulance and nevertheless the accompaniment of a full spectrum of medical professionals. We prefer to book first and business class seats as these provide us with the optimum conditions to care for your child and provide appropriate medical treatment. When a patient is unable to sit up in their seat they will either be flown home in a specially constructed patient transport compartment (PTC), or recumbent on an airline stretcher. Of course, if you wish, you or another relative can also accompany your child during the flight.

Medical escort team.

Our team – specialists in their fields

The treatment of children requires special training and experience. The anatomy of young patients differs from adults and so does the correct dosage of medicines, which is precisely determined by weight and height. Our team is specialised in paediatric intensive medicine. Of course, we carry with us a complete kit for in-flight medical emergencies – for example smaller needles for venous puncture, masks and tubes in smaller sizes and an incubator for newborn babies.The doctors in our crew for commercial medical escorts are experienced consultants and senior doctors from prestigious university hospitals – such as the Ludwig-Maximilian university hospital in Munich. They are trained to all the latest standards and undergo regular updates to their medical knowledge. In cases of commercial medical escorts they are supported by nurses and certified paramedics, who are also specialised in “paediatric intensive medicine”, or have an equivalent level of training.Throughout its entire journey your child will receive the same level of care it would have received on the ground. This includes patient monitoring equipment, the administration of all basic medication and the competence to recognise and treat acute situations.

If intensive care of your child is indeed required and it would make a return flight from abroad with a scheduled airline impossible, we would be happy to advise you about an alternative method of transportation, such as our repatriation service by air ambulance.