MedEvac: Rescue from a crisis zone

To rescue your ill or injured child from a crisis area with the worldwide evacuation team of PEDIATRIC AIR AMBULANCE we offer you the possibility of medical evacuation – also called MedEvac or medivac for short. Our international transport flights have the highest safety standards and guarantee the best medical care that you and your child could possibly receive.

How we do medical evacuation flights

We achieve overseas emergency medical evacuation from crisis and war zones using specially equipped ambulance aircraft. The choice of aircraft largely depends on the distances involved, the state of health of your child and of course the situation at the scene of an accident or crisis itself. With the help of our affiliates who are familiar with the location we check the security situation in detail. As required we can also provide a helicopter, armoured vehicles and armed guards. If there are UN troops in the country, their cooperation is also possible. Only when cognisant of the environment to expect will we know which method to evacuate the patient to your home country is the:

  • safest
  • fastest
  • and most cost-effective

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Medical Evacuation.

Like a mobile intensive care station

Our medical air transports to repatriate critical cases are provided with all the latest technology and equipment. On board our air ambulance – as well as in one of our medically equipped ground vehicles – we are able to provide care to your child equivalent to an intensive care station at a university hospital in Germany. That means that we are equipped in medical terms for any conceivable emergency and urgently provide the necessary treatment. Our medical facilities are state-of-the-art. For the medical evacuation transport we have at our disposal:

  • Baby Pod II incubator for neonatal incubator transfers, specially designed for flexible deployment
  • Hamilton T1® – a ventilator that supports even the tiniest of premature babies with a tidal (breathing) volume as low as 2 ml
  • Alere EPOC® – a blood gas analysis device that determines oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood
  • GE Vscan™ – a sonography and echocardiography device, which allows us to recognise complications as early as possible and gives us a visual display of heart function at all times
  • Corpuls C3® monitor for constant monitoring of the patient, equipped with ECG, defibrillator, pacer, SpO2, NIBP and IBP sensors specially adapted for children
  • Perfusor® compact S – up to eight syringes for intravenous therapies
  • Storz C-MAC® video laryngoscope and further aids for alternative airway management specially adapted for children (e.g. larynx masks, QUICKTRACH® emergency cricothyrotomy set)
  • AccuVein® and EZ-IO® – a vein finding system and an intraosseous vascular access system, especially for children

We are there by your side

Our AirMedEvac emergency evacuation flights are staffed by a team of highly qualified consultants and senior doctors. To ensure patient stability there is always at least one paediatric doctor and one nurse, both trained specialists in intensive care of children. Our doctors not only receive regularly updated training to the latest standards, as the medical staff of prestigious hospitals, such as the Ludwig-Maximilian University Hospital in Munich, they have also gained many years of practical experience. If further special treatment skills are needed, we expand our team with qualified medical facility, such as in the case of an ECMO transport.

MedEvac – we help you out of a crisis. Talk with us.

Medical Evacuation.