Speak with us and we will find a solution

1. You establish contact with us

Call us by telephone on +49 8153 880 3999 or send mail leaving your telephone number to info@pediatricairambulance.com and we will call you back. Our response team is there to help you, around the clock seven days a week. During our first telephone conversion we will gain an understanding of the current medical condition of your child. If you have any pertinent records, it would be helpful to have these ready to refer to. During this talk we will also advise you on the safest and most cost-effective door-to-door transportation possibilities. Transporting your child could be accomplished with:


  • a specially equipped mobile intensive care ambulance (MICA)
  • a rescue helicopter
  • an ambulance aircraft (air ambulance)
  • a medical escort team on a scheduled flight

You need help?

24/7 Availability
Hotline: +49 8153 880 3999

Within two hours you will receive a corresponding offer from us.

Air Ambulance prepared for take off.

2. We prepare everything needed

Once you have confirmed acceptance of our offer, we will take care of selecting the actual transportation and paediatric trained crew. We will assemble all the equipment they may need for transporting your child. Our devices are based on state-of-the-art technologies and meet the needs of paediatric care in full.

We are also able to transport premature and newborn babies. At the same time we will contact the doctor providing treatment, to give us an overview of the situation and the medical condition of your child. It is important at this stage to analyse accurately the patient’s fitness to travel.

If the cost of transport is covered by your health or travel insurance, we will require a binding declaration of consent for costs. We will explain to you how to request this from your insurer. If you wish to pay privately for transportation, the sum in full must be transferred in advance to our company bank account in Germany. We can also advise you the easiest ways to do this. In most cases the accompaniment of your child is possible by a relative free of charge.

3. Our bed-to-bed service

Our patient transport does not begin at the airport, but wherever your child is currently located. Our bed-to-bed service only finishes at the final destination. If this calls for different means of transport at various stages, we combine whatever ground and air transportation is needed so that there is no shortfall in care. We take care.

4. We are there for you

We know how tense the situation is for you and your family. That is why we assemble a team who will look after you and especially your child from start to finish.


Small child at critical care transport.
Pediatric Air Ambulance team member.

To ensure the best possible care, it is important your child feels it can trust our medical personnel, and it is equally important you do as well. Our team consists of at least one doctor and one nurse. Both medical professionals and paediatric intensive care specialists with many years of experience and training to the highest standards. The equipment we use is equivalent to a paediatric intensive care station at a university hospital in Germany, which means that while we transport it your child will receive precisely the same level of care it would in hospital.

Whether in Germany or anywhere in the world – we make sure your child arrives at its destination safely. Always.